Unacademy UPSC IAS Review

Unacademy UPSC IAS Review – If you are a UPSC aspirant, you have probably heard this term multiple times. But In case you don’t know much about it other than the name, Unacademy is an online coaching program designed to prepare students for almost every competitive exam. They have a wide range of highly rated online courses that have helped thousands of students crack various examinations with top ranks in the past. Here we will do a review of Unacademy from UPSC point of view.

Unacademy has gained immense popularity for its quality education, experienced teachers, and the delivery of excellence over the years. The institute also offers many free courses for IAS aspirants so they can figure out if Unacademy’s online coaching classes are worth it or not.

The institution has various subscription plans for all kinds of students to cover their unique requirements. Here’s an overview of these plans:

Subscription PlanContent
PlusBest Teachers, Interactive Live Classes, Structured courses, PDFs, Live Tests & Quizzes
IconicEverything in Plus, Personal Coach, Mains Q&A Practice, Study Planner, Experts’ Guidance
LiteAccess to Curated Test Series and Daily Practice Questions

You can access these plans and buy them through Unacademy’s official website or their official app.

Unacademy UPSC Course Fee

Now, let’s take a look at the fee structure of Unacademy’s different subscriptions:

Subscription PlanPrice (INR)

Apart from this, students can avail of some free classes offered by Unacademy.

Is Unacademy Plus Good For UPSC

Unacademy Plus is one of the most trusted online coaching programs for UPSC IAS. It’s designed for serious aspirants to take their preparation to the next level.

The content of Plus subscription, as mentioned in the earlier section, include India’s best educators, live classes, test series, PDF notes, and quizzes to ensure the students get the best guidance for their upcoming exam.

Even in terms of pricing, Unacademy Plus is cheaper than the many other online coaching programs available for UPSC aspirants.

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Unacademy UPSC IAS Reviews by Students

When we actually want to know whether an educational institute is good enough, the only thing that we trust the most is student reviews. Because they explain a lot about an institution. Considering that, we have added some of the student reviews about Unacademy here so you can have a good idea if Unacademy is worth your money and time.

“I am a regular user of Unacademy for the past couple of months. I found their course content really useful and a smart way forward to prepare for civil service exam.”

Arun Sheshadri:( student)

“Unacademy, a revolution in the field of costly civil service exam.”

Shakti Swaroop;( student)

“Unacademy is one of the best platforms I have ever seen so far.”

Arko Roy: ( student)

Unacademy Faculty details

Unacademy is best known for its finest teacher line-up. Check out a few leading names:

  1. Sudarshan Gurjar
  2. Dr. Siddharth Arora
  3. Arti Chhawari
  4. Madhukar Kotawe
  5. Pratik Nayak
  6. Mudit Gupta
  7. Pavneet Singh
  8. Mrunal Patel
  9. Aman Sharma
  10. Deepika Reddy Magham
  11. Awadhesh Singh
  12. Rakesh Verma
  13. Ranganathan Svn Kondala
  14. G Rajput
  15. Anuj Garg

…and many more.


Q: How to enroll in Unacademy’s paid subscription?

Ans: You can visit Unacademy’s official website or download their official app for further procedures.

Q: Where to get Unacademy’s demo classes?

Ans: You can apply for the demo and free classes on Unacademy’s official website or app.

Q: Is Unacademy really worth my money?

Ans: Unacademy is one of the leading online coaching programs for various competitive examinations.  As of now, the institute has given hundreds of selections for UPSC IAS only. Considering these facts, Unacademy is totally worth a chance.

Q: Which Unacademy subscription plan is the best for UPSC IAS preparation?

Ans: Even though it depends on individual requirements, Unacademy Plus has everything that an IAS aspirant would need to prepare for their upcoming exam. But if you could extend your budget, you can get a personal mentor and exclusive guidance as well under the Iconic subscription.

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