True facts about Vedantu

True facts about Vedantu

True facts about Vedantu .vedantu coaching review, Vedantu online classes review, Vedantu fee structure, Vedantu class review.

  • Vedantu truth
  • I am studying at Vedantu … All people say that online coaching is not best .. The student does not study on the internet only play games and watch movies but this is not true, as I am studying from Vedantu,I can say that it wholly depends on the student.
  • Now, Vedantu is most top online coaching platform ..It provides quality education. And basically I am preparing for the jee exam …so the teacher highly qualified and experienced … The way they teach is excellent. And Vedantu also provides Sam known as a student account manager who basically helps you for technical support and other information about the site.. The teacher teach on Vedantu’s personal website..On the website, you will find calendar, content, and other options …
  • They teach live and after the session ends they provide notes of that session which is very helpful for the student .. And if you missed the class then there is an option to watch them by replay. They got saved after the session ends.. And After that, they will provide session assignments that are very helpful which consists of questions from different books..
  • And after that, you will also gets tatva notes of that session which are also very good..And after a chapter completes, on Sunday the take test of that chapter which is quite helpful..
  • They also provide micro-courses of one single chapter .. and long term courses of 11 and 12 and Jee and Neet. You will also get the feature of ask doubts anytime if you purchase pro or pro lite course..

Vedantu fee structure

  • Now, fees structure of classes, as it varies from the demand of that course or on your scholarship test ..
  • The estimated course fee of the Jee course for two years with class 11 and 12 is 80k . And for one year of only 12 or 11 class is 45k .. and for neet also same but slightly up and down …
  • Their result is almost at the top .. In class 10 students who have joined the Vedantu scored more than 90 percent in their board exam .. And also they provide rankers in Jee and Neet exams also. So we can’t doubt on their result.
  • Now I have given a basic idea about vedantu.. so as per me if you can afford that much fee, you should buy the courses of vedantu..


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SO here we discuss True facts about Vedantu .vedantu coaching review, Vedantu online classes review, Vedantu fee structure, Vedantu class review.

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