Top 5 online learning platforms in India

Top 5 online learning platforms in India

Top 5 online learning platforms in India – After covid, the online coaching platform/e-learning platform/ online learning platform has been tremendously increased.  after all, it is beneficial also at some instant for a particular person. 

so now India has various online learning platforms here I will list the top 5 online learning platforms.

Online learning platforms required some technical knowledge also,  so I think that’s why not each and every teacher is present on the online learning platform,  but YouTube is the game changer in this field,  many good educators are present on YouTube because YouTube is not paid program so there is some doubt always there that your course will be completed or not there is not any security.  so I would also suggest you must take the online paid Pro program and courses through various online learning platforms.

there is a various teacher who is taking offline but they are extremely talented and well educated and have an excellent teaching quality are still not on online platforms,  so it doesn’t mean these only five platforms are the best and other are not up to standard. 

Top 5 online learning platforms in India

Serial numberName of the online learning platformspeciality
1-Byju’sprovides all types of coaching regarding schooling or competition exams, well-experienced teacher.
2-unacademyit also provides all types of coaching regarding schooling for competition exams,  having a good teacher at the same time low cost than byju’s
3- Vedantuespecially for the IIT JEE exam and Neet exam,  excellent faculty from various IIT Institute, Good for maths and science learning
4- Career will appstarted by Rakesh Yadav sir,  extremely good for SSC Railway or bank exams
5-cuemathBest for maths learning for school level,   having an extremely talented approach to learning Math 

Now we will talk about each online learning platform in a very brief manner.



this is an ed-tech company, has a very good marketing mind, and at the same time provides good education to their enrolled student.  byju’s provided with all types of coaching from classes 1- 12  for each stream,  as well as byju’s is providing coaching for various exams so like the IIT JEE Neet exam or IAS or state PSC exams.

few people are also said that byju’s is the only money-making company, This is also true because the byju’s is playing in crores of karod,  but at the same time, he is focusing on the quality of education also.

 byju’s is a little bit more costly than other online education learning platforms,  but providing good education and good support.

1- byju’s official website
2- byju’s reviews by parents
3-BYJU’s Review By Students 



 in India,  unacademy is maintaining its reputation as well as good quality education at the minimum price.  the teacher of unacademy is very popular on various platforms like YouTube.

 you may listen to the name of  Abhinay Sharma math,  he is also available on unacademy and other than him there is various teacher are available on unacademy.

 you will get all types of coaching classes starting from up to class 12th.  also, you will get the coaching classes for IIT exam preparation Neet exam preparation for SSC exam preparation for railway exam preparation for civil services examination preparation.

1-unacademy official website
2-unacademy review
3-Best educator on unacademy for IIT JEE



vedantu is the science and maths-specific online learning platform.  vedantu faculty is well experienced as well as a very good approach to maths and Science specific subject.  his experience faculty belong to the various IIT or NIT colleges. at the same time due to Vedantu higher IIT or NIT just passed student or studying student then there is some lack of experience also.

If you want to prepare online for JEE exams then you must choose Vedantu for your better future,  there is very less negative point available concerning Vedantu compared to byju’s or unacademy. 

1-Vedantu official website
2-Vedantu review
3-True facts about Vedantu

Career will app

Career will app

 this online learning platform is started by Rakesh Yadav sir,  he is the maths Legend in the terms of SSC coachings. he is a well-experienced teacher under the guidance of his carrier will online platform has been a start-up. 

 anyone who is willing to take online classes for SSC and various competitive exams can prefer the carrier will app.

 recently he has also started the coaching classes for various grade students and the various board student,  for this you can also visit their official website.

1-career will official website
2-Rakesh yadav sir coaching review, course fees 
3-Abhinay Sharma Sir maths coaching review, Fee structure 


cuemaths is the online learning platform for the school-going kids,  the speciality of cuemaths online learning platform is his teaching style,  the way A cutemath teacher’s elaborate anythings to the student is totally different from other teachers,  that’s why we are recommending to maths for school going kids. 

 Click here for the official website of cuemath.

So here we discuss the best top 5 online learning platforms available in India, Here it doesn’t mean in these only online or e-learning platforms are the best there may be other online learning platforms also which may not come in front of our team.  but I hope you will enjoy this post and you will get some idea regarding the e-Learning platform.

Best Online platform for IIT preparation

Getting admission to the IIT is one of the toughest tasks for a student who is preparing for the engineering examination, good coaching may lead to success,  but finding good coaching is also a task for students and their parents.  so here I will help you what are the best online platform for JEE mains and advance examination.

 JEE mains and advance are the toughest examinations in India, so in my point of view, online education is a little disappointing for the student because the student who is preparing for JEE mains and advance are not matured enough to learn from the online education while if you are preparing for civil services then you are measured in a then you can enjoy the online courses.  but in the case of JEE mains and advance students are not mature enough to get the advantage of these online courses so I would like to recommend the offline courses but still as I above mentioned I will tell you the best online learning platform for IIT JEE examination.

1-Aakash digital + byju’s
4-we cannot recommend it because there is not enough online coaching available for IIT JEE

  FAQ –

 which is the best online learning platform in India?


 which is the best online learning platform in India which has an affordable fee structure?

 you must go to unacademy

 what is the speciality of Vedantu?

 the only speciality of Vedantu which differentiate Vedantu from other online learning platform is his special Trend educator who directly comes from IIT or NIT type Institute.

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