Rakesh yadav sir coaching review, course fees

Rakesh Yadav sir coaching review, course fees –  today we will know about Rakesh Yadav sir coaching institute and their career will app and their coaching fee structure or you can Say course fee structure.

Currently, Rakesh Yadav sir is not only a teacher but I can say he is an icon for the student who is preparing for various competitive exams.

Rakesh yadav sir coaching review, course fees

Firstly I would like to introduce Rakesh Yadav sir,  initially, Rakesh Yadav sir was a government school teacher in Delhi,  but he love teaching that’s why he started teaching in the Delhi Mukherjee Nagar after a few days he left the job of the government school teacher and started full-time teaching.

One day his colleagues said to him “ Khud Kisi ka exam pass Nahin Kar Paye Aur dusron Ko padhaane Chale Hain”. this thing hurt Rakesh Yadav sir hardly and he appeared for the SSC exam and got selected for exercise inspector nearby Mumbai.

 After a few days he left this job and again started teaching in the Mukherjee Nagar.

 Since 2013 he has continued teaching in the Mukherjee Nagar.

In 2018 he decided to teach online because many a student cannot come to his coaching due to various reasons like lack of money E and others.

 So he launched his app named carrier will app in 2018, Currently around 50 lakh students using this app for their competitive exam preparation.

In the covid-19  situation is app guided every student very Broadway,  because of lockdown many students cannot come to their offline coaching then the carrier will app make it happen.

 If you want to take online classes then you can download his career will app and if you want to take offline classes then you can go to Mukharji Nagar am giving this at this from this you can take offline classes also.

Rakesh Yadav sir coaching review

 As earlier said he is the youth icon,  and the student treats him as a God,  they respect Rakesh Yadav sir very much by heart.

 I never listen to any student who has negative feedback regarding Rakesh Yadav sir’s coaching.  so if you want to prepare for any competitive exam like SSC or teaching or any other competitive exam you can blindly go to his coaching.

Specially for maths for competitive exams,  there is no one who can beat stitching style in India in the terms of competitive exam preparation.

Here I would like to so you a few comments of the student regarding his coaching.

Manish Pandeyमैं राकेश यादव सर का छात्र रह चुका हूँ इनके जैसा नम्र एवं शालीन शिक्षक मिलना बहुत ही मुश्किल है। ये हर छात्र को दोस्त की तरह समझते हैं।
RKराकेश यादव सर से मैथ्स पढ़कर राजस्थान पटवारी में चयन हो गया और अब RAS की तैयारी में जुटे हैं।आपकी जय हो सर
himanshu thakurOnly Because of Rakesh Yadav Sir I got Selected in Government Sector Job”. He is God to me.
Pankaj Jhunjhunuशालीनता+विनम्रता+अच्छी इंसानियत=राकेश सर
Pramod SharmaHe is truly a legend not only as a maths teacher but as an inspirational man
RAHUL007 He is not a mathematics teacher he is a wizard of mathematics love you sir
AbhishekRakesh Yadav Sir should be given the Padma Shree award for his contribution and service. Lots of love and respect for such a Guru

He is the revolution in the field of ssc math and he changed the method to approach mathematical aptitude in competitive exams. salute to u sir
Raviमेरे प्यारे बच्चो ये आवाज दिल को छू जाती है बहुत शानदार अध्यापक
kapilSuch a genuine person , teacher and God …  Deep respect for you sir 
RAMOदुनिया का ऐसा शिक्षक जो पूरे बैच में   एक दिन कभी भी गुस्से नही हुए हैं।
Ashish kamalIndeed a TEACHER is a real superhero in this transient world.

Rakesh Yadav sir coaching course fee structure

Now we will discuss the detailed fee structure of their courses for the various competitive exams as well as offline coaching also and online coaching also.

Maths by Rakesh Yadav sir offline fee6000/
math by Rakesh Yadav sir for 1 year online1999/-
English classes through career will app1499/- 
reasoning classes for 1 year online1199/-
live batches for math for TGT PGT PGT exam1999/-
Spoken English live batches999/-
GS Foundation batch for IAS exam19,999/-
NDA exam fees2499/-
Airforce group x1999/-
Airforce group Y1499/-
Navy SSR/ AA2999/-
Exam coaching CTET2299/- 

 Rakesh Yadav sir offline coaching address- Location: 56-58, Career will Tower, GTB Nagar Metro Station, Near Gate No. 2/3, Delhi – 110009   Helpline No: 708-218-9797

Call Now, WHATSAPP    +91-7082189797 Email – [email protected]

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Frequently asked questions-

Question.  what does Rakesh Yadav sir teach?

Answer.  Rakesh Yadav sir teach maths for various competitive exam like SSC NTPC defence exam etc.

 Question.  what is the fee structure of offline coaching of Rakesh Yadav sir?

Answer.  6000 offline classes at Delhi.

 Question.  how to attend online classes of Rakesh Yadav sir?

Answer.  download carrier will app and you can attend online classes.

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