Narayana Coaching Fee Structure For NEET and JEE

Narayana group is a well-known educational organization that owns multiple reputed schools, colleges, and coaching centers all across the country. But it’s not the reach of their business for which they got all this fame. In fact, Narayana is one of the most trusted names when it comes to top-notch education and training programs for students pursuing different careers.

Why do we think so?

Well, the Narayana group, as a whole, is home to thousands of finest teachers and lacs of students belonging to 17 different states of India. And we think that says a lot itself.

As far as Narayana coaching centers are concerned, they are certainly the best in every aspect. From a variety of ambitious trainers to all India test series, practice sessions, and concept improvement – everything is worth counting.

The training includes years of experience, outstanding vision, and hard work to ensure the best possible outcomes. Precisely, the course helps students build a solid foundation of the syllabus of class 11 to clear their basics for the upcoming entrance exams. Besides that, regular class tests, consisting of objective as well as subjective types of questions, are conducted to help students prepare better.

Cutting it short, this post is all about giving you an insight into Narayana’s coaching fee structure, especially for NEET and JEE. If you are pursuing either of these exams and want to solidify your preparation under the excellent guidance of skilled teachers at Narayana, this post is all you needed.

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Narayana NEET Fee Structure

Check out the following table to learn about the Narayana NEET programs, course description, and the fee structure.

CourseDurationCourse descriptionFee Structure
2 year NEET program (Integrated classroom)2 yearsRevision for 12th board, Regular CPT on NEET pattern, All India test series, grand success package296000
1 year NEET program – Regular medical course 1 yearStrategic preparation for NEET and board, All India common analysis, grand success package, weekly  CPT on NEET pattern, revision142000
Short term program (Crash course)Starts 2 days before the board exam and ends 2 days before the NEET entrance examThorough preparation for NEET, All India common analysis, study materials for physics, chemistry, zoology, and botany.23000

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Narayana JEE fee structure

Narayana’s various programs designed for JEE entrance exam are a great solution for the aspirants that can’t compromise on their preparation and want top-class facilities and guidance. Here are the details on Narayana’s JEE programs, course description, and fee structure.

CourseDurationCourse DescriptionFee Structure
Intensive one year program1 yearStrategic preparation for IIT-JEE and board exams, revision for class 11 syllabus, review classes, test series. Study material125000
Extended one year program IIT-JEE (main)1 yearThe study material for PCM, All India common analysis, strategic teaching for IIT-JEE and board exam, grand success package, test series97500
Extended one year program IIT-JEE (advanced)1 yearStudy material, strategic preparation, CPT at all India levels, test series20000
One year program IIT-JEE (main)1 yearAll India common analysis, test series, study material, grand success package, strategic preparation for board exams and IIT-JEE, CPT at all India level97500
Extended two year program IIT-JEE (main)2 yearsAll India common analysis, strategic preparation for board exams and IIT-JEE, grand success package, the grand package for success, test series, CPT at all India level188500

Important Notes:

  • Fee structures given above are subject to change at the will of Narayana group.
  • The timing and frequency of classes can vary according to the courses and centres.
  • Students looking forward to enrolling into one of the above courses may require to undergo the a scholarship test and an interview.


Q: What is the procedure to take admission in Narayana?

Ans: It depends on the particular course you are applying to. For some courses, applicants have to go through a scholar test followed by an interview while for some other courses allow direct admissions.

Q: Can I enrol into JEE or NEET courses after passing the 12th board exam?

Ans: Absolutely. Narayana offers different sorts of courses covering all XI appearing, XII appearing, and XII passed aspirants.

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