Free IIT JEE Main and Advanced coaching 2021

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Today we will discuss free IIT JEE mains and advanced coaching institute in India, this is the time of online education so there are many YouTube channels and other online educational platforms are available that provide free IIT JEE exam coaching, but there is a lack of quality in various online education platform.

So here we will talk best IIT JEE mains and advanced free coaching which is available offline.

There are two coaching who provide free coaching, study material, hostel facility as well as their online form fees of IIT exam Form.

  •  The first one is super 30
  •  second is Bhabha classes also known as the b-35 batch.

super 3o provide free IIT jee exam coaching

Super 30 is run by Anand Kumar, in India everyone knows about Anand Kumar, he is a mathematician and a great teacher .

There is a movie which is based on Anand Kumar’s life in which Hrithik Roshan played the role of Anand Kumar, so I would like to say he is a famous personality, if you get admission then there is 99% of chances to get selected in IIT JEE exam.

Each year the form is made online for everyone through their official website, I am providing his website link and keep visiting their website when the form makeup level just fills up the online form and attend a written examination conducted by them if you got good marks then you will get selected for their super 30 batch.

Now let’s get to second free IIT JEE mains and advanced coaching in India.

b-35 batch

Bhabha classes also known as the b-35 batch are run by Mahesh Singh Chauhan, Mahesh Singh Chauhan is also a mathematician he is awarded by Uttar Pradesh Ratna Award also.

 click here to know more about B 35 batch or Bhabha classes.

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Q-  is there any free coaching for IIT JEE exam?

Ans- Yes  ,there are two coaching which provide absolutely free coaching for IIT exam.

Q – how to apply for super 30 batch?

Ans –  in the  upper paragraph we provided the link of their website ,go there and fill online form.

Q – what is the selection rate of student in super 30 batch in IIT exam?

Ans – in 30 student it around 25 to 27 student get selected in the IIT exam.

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