Drishti IAS Coaching Review, Fee Structure 2022

Drishti IAS Coaching Review, Fee Structure 2022 – When it comes to UPSC coaching, there are dozens of good options available in every metropolitan or small city. But if we just talk about the finest ones, we have got only a very few of them in the whole country. In this post, we will review Drishti IAS, one of those finest UPSC coaching institutes.

Drishti IAS is a highly trusted UPSC coaching program/institution that has been guiding thousands of aspirants to achieve their dream careers in civil services. Before we proceed further, check out the contact details of Drishti IAS:

Address641, 1st Floor, Mukherjee Nagar, Opp Signature View Apartment, New Delhi-110009
Contact Numbers8750187501/8448485519

This detailed post will cover everything you need to know about Drishti IAS. Just read on:

Drishti IAS Fee structure for online classes

Drishti IAS’s online classes are exclusively designed for the aspirants to level up their preparation game. The courses are reliable and highly rated for their updated study material, informative live classes, test series, doubt sessions, and much more

Drishti IAS has a diverse range of offerings according to every budget and preparation need, including crash courses, answer writing programs, online as well as pen drive courses, etc.

With highly experienced faculties like Dr. Vikas Divyakirti and their unique methodology to explain concepts, Drishti IAS’s online program is one of its kind. Besides that, the courses are available in both Hindi and English mediums.

Now, let’s take a look at the fee structure of Drishti IAS’s online UPSC courses.

CourseFee (INR)
IAS Mains Course60,000/-
Optional Subject Courses40,000/- (each)
IAS Prelims GS Course36,000/-
Answer Writing and Knowledge Enrichment Program10,000/-
GS Foundation Course (Prelims + Mains)1,00,000/-

Drishti IAS Fee structure for offline classes

Just like its online program, Drishti IAS’s offline classes have maintained a reputation that many other institutes just dream of. The coaching center is the top choice for the majority of UPSC aspirants living in Delhi. Apart from the in-depth lectures, Drishti IAS’s offline classes offer a learning-friendly environment to bring the best out of every student. In order to make sure students are getting benefited from the lectures, they are given class notes and have to take class tests regularly for the best results.

Other than Delhi, the institute has branches in Prayagraj and Jaipur also which have collectively produced hundreds of toppers as of now. Check out the fee structure of the Drishti IAS offline program:

CourseFee (INR)
GS Foundation course (Prelims + Mains)1,20,000/-
Optional Subjects40,000/- (each)
Test Series7,500/- to 13,500/-

Students with a budget issue can also choose to pay the fee in easy instalments.

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Is Drishti IAS good for English Medium?

One word answer: Yes.

Drishti IAS has an excellent faculty to teach English medium students. From teaching methods to the obsession for timely completion of the course, everything is worth appreciating. The reason behind the perfection is that the teachers for both Hindi and English medium batches are different for most subjects.

Is Drishti IAS good for Hindi Medium?

Drishti IAS is equally good for Hindi medium as well. The teachers are quite experienced and talented. The fact that Drishti IAS, till now, has given over a thousand selections from Hindi medium batches only proves how good the institute is for Hindi medium.

Drishti IAS faculty details

Drishti IAS houses some of India’s best teachers with years of experience and their own achievements. Dr Vikas Divyakirti, the founder, is the most famous name associated with Drishti IAS. But he is not the only one behind the insane popularity of the coaching center. There is a whole army of teachers working day and night to keep the reputation and status of the institute maintained. Here are some names:

  1. Dr. Vikas Divyakirti (GS, Ethics, Hindi Optional),
  2. Mr, D. Kumar (GS, Economics Optional),
  3. Mr. Kumar Gaurav (Geography and Science),
  4. Mr. Ritesh Jaiswal (General Studies, General Science, Science & Technology),
  5. Mr. Rajesh Mishra (GS, Indian Polity, International Relations and Political Science),
  6. Mr. Nishant Shrivastav (GS, Current Affairs), Etc.
Q: How to get admission to Drishti IAS?

Ans: You can visit their official website where you will get all the necessary details for further procedure. You can contact the institute directly for an inquiry.

Q: How can I get a demo of Drishti IAS’s online classes?

Ans: Head over to their official website and apply for a free demo class. You can also check out the YouTube channel of Drishti IAS for free educational videos and get an idea of their online educational program.

Q: Are Prayagraj and Jaipur Branches as good as Drishti IAS Delhi?

Ans: Yes. All the branches of Drishti IAS are run by highly experienced teachers and have given hundreds of selections collectively.

Q: How much experience does Drishti IAS have?

Ans: The Drishti IAS has over 23 years of experience in the UPSC coaching industry.

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