byju’s reviews by parents

byju’s reviews by parents –

During the lockdown when schools and institutes were closed, the responsibility of their children’s studies fell upon parents’ shoulders. As a result, it became quite challenging for working parents to help their kids with their studies while keeping up with their jobs.

At that period of time, BYJU came forward as a big relief and a reliable solution. It provided everything to children they were missing, such as important lectures, practice tests, and personal mentorship to ease the burden on their parents.

For parents, money is never a bar when it comes to the education of their children. When looking at BYJU’s advanced services, the fee structure seems justified. And for that exact reason, parents appreciate BYJU’s online tutoring program.

Another reason is that BYJU has effectively neutralized children’s need to step out of the home to get coaching/tuition. It’s not only good for their safety in these pandemic times but it also allows parents to keep a track of their children’s studies.

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byju’s reviews by parents – comments

parents name parents remarks
Rashni desaiNot good for small age group child
Sashi sekharGood for conceptul study
alok thakur it made study so simple for students
vrun after purchasing course they just forget us
roman singhonly money making company
rama shankarwast of money

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Q: Is the BYJU learning program good for my child?

Ans: BYJU offers study material in a wide range of subjects including videos, practice tests, and one to one mentorship to help their students prepare for board and various competitive exams. Their learning program is a complete solution for your children.

Q: Is it costly to get BYJU’s membership?

Ans: No. BYJU’s fee structure is almost similar to that of traditional coachings.

Q: How do I know if BYJU is actually improving the knowledge of my child?

Ans: You can always reach out to the BYJU team and ask for a report on your children’s performance and improvement.

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