BYJU’s Review By Students

BYJU’s Review By Students

BYJU basically sells courses for class 1 to class 12th students developed by the subject experts. In addition, it also covers a number of entrance exams like IIT JEE, NEET, CAT, etc. 

The courses consist of live classes, library videos for revision, practice tests, and one-to-one mentorship. The best part is that the videos use graphics and digital animation to explain the concepts so that students can learn complex topics easily and effectively.

As far as the fee structure of BYJU is concerned, the table will help you get an idea of the course prices across the classes.

Class/ExamCourse Fee (Yearly)Subjects
Class 1 to 340000Maths, English, science
Class 4 to 1026000Maths & Science
Class 11 with JEE + NEET Preparation160000All
Class 12 with JEE + NEET Preparation100000All
IAS (Pre & Mains)91000All

Looking from a student’s perspective, BYJU’s online learning program is helpful in several ways:

  • Lectures include graphics and animation to help students understand the concepts better.
  • In the midst of lectures, students are asked questions. If they answered them wrongly, they are corrected by highlighting where or why they are wrong.
  • In case of any doubts, students can get them cleared either through a phone call or the website.
  • Frequent tests on topics allow students to improve and test their knowledge about various subjects.

Apart from that, students associated with BYJU are very vocal about the improvements in their overall grades after joining the BYJU learning program. And after looking at a massive number of existing BYJU students and thousands joining every day, we literally have no reason to doubt that.

BYJU’s Review By Students – Comments

Yenala Indrasena Reddy

1 year ago

So good you will see the chapter before day of explaining it is very useful for us,

Anjali Kumari

1 year ago

शुरू में तो बच्चों को अच्छा लगता है लेकिन2,3महीने बाद बोरिंग लगने लगता है,

help others

1 year ago (edited)

Don’t even think of buying them!! Better students can read the book and watch some youtube videos if they wish. Byjus didn’t cover the entire syllabus. The main flaw is if you saw Byjus videos too, you want to study your book again which you can study directly. The videos are either too long or too short. Then it’s in the hands of you to decide..

Bogadi Sujatha

1 year ago

byjus people came to my home,convince to buy disney early learning app to my child,but my doctor adviced that it is not good to her eyes then i want to cancel my order ,but it is a Hectic procedure, i think it is a business with education ,

Check out a few frequently asked questions:

Q: Can students clear their doubts about the topic after the lecture?

Ans: Yes, but only 15 doubts a month.

Q: What language are the courses available in?

Ans: The lectures are available primarily in the English language. However, courses for some entrance exams such as JEE and IAS are also available in Hindi.

Q: Is taking a paid membership of BYJU worth it?

Ans: The majority of member students love BYJU classes and have good feedback to share. BYJU’s easy and effective methods to teach students makes it totally worth the money paid.

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