Best youtube channel for NDA preparation

Best youtube channel for NDA preparation 2022 – In 2022  lots of YouTube channel has been start-up for NDA exam preparation,  but very few of them are providing a good standard of  NDA exam preparation.

As you know,  YouTube become a great platform for learning,  and till now this is completely free.  so many students prepare for the NDA exam from YouTube only.  so here we will discuss the best YouTube channel for NDA exam preparation as well as your NDA written exam and SSB also.

 NDA exam is not a very too much tough exam but at the same time, this is not also a very easy exam.  I can say the NDA exam comes under a medium toughness exam.

 you can choose one YouTube channel or you can choose different YouTube channels for different subject preparation.

Best youtube channel for NDA preparation

 I am listing out the best YouTube channel for NDA exam preparation for 2022.

Best youtube channels for NDA preparation

Serial numberName of YouTube channel
1-Examपुर Defence Warriors
3-Unique Defence Academy
4-Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd.
5-Learn with Sumit
6-Doubtnut Defence
7-Sukhoi Defence Warriors
8-Global Defence Academy
9-Defence Wallah – NDA

There are various YouTube channels that are providing coaching classes for NDA,  but there is a problem which I have seen in the various YouTube channel is they are unable to maintain the continuity of videos.

 they upload around 20-30 videos for a particular topic and after that, they didn’t continue to make videos for classes for the student,  and this becomes a very serious issue for the preparing student.

 so I would like to recommend go for paid classes,  it will not cost you very much now the online courses are very affordable,  you can purchase online courses with the minimal amount of around 5 to 6 thousand.

 if you cannot afford 5 to 6 thousand for a course then you can look for classes by a topic on YouTube and get cleared, you must do self-study and you may prefer NCERT books for your preparation.

 if you read out your NCERT books,  at least 2 to 3 times then I am sure any questions will not be difficult for you from the perspective of the NDA exam.

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Here I would like to give some more important information, an important link.

UPSC official websiteClick here
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Question.  which is the best YouTube channel for NDA exam preparation?

Answer.   if you are totally dependent on the YouTube channel then you must prefer exampur defence Warrior for the perfect Exam preparation.

 Question. One is better paid online classes or YouTube channel free classes for NDA exam preparation?

 Answer.  I would like to recommend paid online classes,  currently, they are not too expensive you will get NDA online classes for around 5 to 6 thousand.

 Question.  what are the best YouTube channel for NDA exam preparation?

 Answer.  I list out all the best YouTube channels for NDA exam preparation please see above.

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