Best online coaching for UPSI preparation

Best online coaching for UPSI preparation – Considering the rising need for online education, especially after the global pandemic, online coaching programs have gained enormous popularity over the past few years.

Students love to study online for various reasons.

  • No need to move out of home
  • More control over the syllabus
  • Privilege to choose class hours
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Helps parents keep an eye on children’s educational developments.

If you just care to search, you can find a lot of options for online coaching programs irrespective of what your area of study is and which exam you are preparing for. But finding good options is the real bet.

In this post, we shortlisted some of the best online coaching programs for UPSI students. We will also compare them in terms of offerings, quality, and fee structures to help you decide better.

Let’s get started without any further ado.

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Exampur coaching program

Exampur provides top study material under various programs. Students preparing for UPSI heavily trust Exampur for their experienced line of trainers, cost-effective courses, and the obsession with delivering high-quality education. Check out the details of their UPSI course.

  • Course Price -999/-
  • Mode – Live classes
  • Subjects covered: All
  • Course duration: 6 month

The package consists of live lectures, recorded videos, doubts sessions, test series, and much more. You can check for the registration details for the Exampur UPSI course on their official website anytime.

Utkarsh classes

Utkarsh is another famous online teaching program training thousands of students for UPSI exams. In the crowd of dozens of online coaching programs, Utkarsh manages to stand out for its skilled teacher lineup, strategic training for UPSC, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Course Price – 2000/-
  • Mode – Video classes
  • Subjects covered: All
  • Course duration: 6 month

The best thing about the Utkarsh UPSI course is that it is delivered through pre-recorded videos, therefore, enabling students to choose their study timing as per their convenience.

To enroll in the course, you can visit the official website of Utkarsh.

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Mahendra’s Online coaching classes

Mahendra’s online classes are excellent solutions for students eyeing the upcoming UPSI exam. From world-class teachers to detailed and highly informative video lectures and test series – everything makes Mahendra’s UPSI course worth your time and money.

  • Course price: 2000/- (current offer price)
  • Mode: Live classes
  • Subjects covered: All
  • Course duration: 6 months.

Mahendra’s online UPSI classes are available in two languages so that students comfortable in Hindi can get the most out of it. You can visit Mahendra’s official website to register for the classes.


When we look around in search of considerable online classes for UP SI, Testbook comes up as one of the most satisfactory options. UP SI course offered by Testbook not only ensures a solid preparation for the exam ahead but also delivers the whole syllabus in an easy-to-understand format. Check out the details:

  • Course price: 1299
  • Mode: Live classes
  • Subjects covered: All
  • Course duration: 6 month. However, you can choose a different validity offer.

The best part is that Testbook provides the recording of their live classes in case you miss one. Besides, the course is completely designed to help students understand complex concepts in an easy manner.


ADDA247 never lags behind when it comes to offering incredible online courses/classes for various competitive exams. Suryavanshi UP SI online program crafted and distributed by ADDA247 is special because it’s designed by India’s top faculties. Classes are available in both English and Hindi to take care of all sorts of students.

  • Course price – 4999/-
  • Mode: Live and recorded videos
  • Subjects covered: All
  • Course duration: 6 months

Interested students can get a discount on the price and also choose to pay through EMIs. You can visit ADDA247 for demo classes before purchasing the course.


Our list of top online coaching programs will remain incomplete until we give Toprankers a proper mention. Top rankers coaching program is well known for its wide range of courses designed by highly skilled faculty. Their UP SI course details are as follows:

  • Course Price: 1999 (till 10th August)
  • Mode: Live classes
  • Subjects covered: All
  • Course duration: 6 months

Top rankers UPSI course includes detailed live videos consisting of useful and in-depth study material in simplified language. One can easily apply for the course from Toprankers’ website.


UP SI students who are looking for a complete package in one place including live lectures, study notes, test series, and pdf can totally rely on the Gradeup online coaching program. With expert teachers taking care of students’ unique preparation needs, resolving their doubts, and providing structured study plan – the Gradeup course is totally worth the investment.

  • Course price: 1999
  • Mode: Live classes
  • Subjects covered: All
  • Course duration: 6 months

In case students miss an online class, they can get a recorded video of the live session later on. Gradeup also offers demo classes so that students can get an idea if the course is really good enough to invest in.

Now let’s check out the components and fee structures of the top 7 online UP SI coaching programs in a summarized manner.

Coaching nameContentDurationPrice
ExampurLive + recorded classes, PDF, Mock tests, doubt sessions6 month999
UtkarshLive classes, live quizzes, recorded videos, test series, etc6 month2000
Mahendra’sLive classes, test series, doubt sessions, mock tests, etc6 month2000
TestbookLive classes, recorded videos, test series, etc6 month1299
ADDA257Live classes, recorded videos, test series, doubt sessions, mock tests, etc6 month4999
ToprankersLive classes, recorded videos, mock tests, etc6 month1999
GradeupLive sessions, revision videos, 6 month1999

FAQs -Best online coaching for UPSI preparation

Q: What is the fee for online UP SI coaching?

Ans: The fee structure ranges from 1000 to 5000 based on the validity, coaching program, and course content.

Q: Can I get a refund?

Ans: It entirely depends on the coaching program. You should check for the same before enrolling for the paid membership.

Q: Are online coaching programs trustworthy?

Ans: Online coaching is definitely trustworthy. However, before investing your money, be assured of the authenticity of the coaching.

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