Best history teacher for UPSC

Today we are going to discuss the best history teacher for the UPSC exam, as you know the UPSC exam is the toughest exam in India so you have to choose your teachers very carefully.

Many students choose history as their optional subject, When you choose it as an optional subject then this is very much important that get the right guidance in history subject.

In this article, we will make sure your confusion must get a direction.

In India there are lots of teachers available for history at various educational levels there are many teachers who are very great in NCERT books or anything other box but UPSC demands a few other things few other ideas than a regular classical history teacher.

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So I am here listing out the best history teacher for the UPSC exam.

Avadh Ojha sir1
Manikant sir2
Khan sir3
  1. Avadh Ojha sir
  2.  Manikant sir 
  3.  Khan sir 

 Avadh Ojha sir

so here I am putting Avadh Ojha sir as the best history teacher for the UPSC exam in India, earlier he was a faculty member of Vajiram Institute in Delhi, he left that and start teaching through their website and their YouTube channel.

His command over History subject is exceptional.

Other than teaching he is also a good mentor, every student needs a mentor while he is preparing for the exam like UPSC, so between the classes or I can say in the history lectures he explains very important Life lessons to their student.

You can watch Avadh Ojha sir videos on YouTube also but for the complete course, you have to purchase the course offered by Ojha sir at their official website.

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Manikant sir 

 In the second of UPSC exam preparation, I am recommending Manikant sir, who is the faculty of Drishti IAS and a very good teacher.

His way of talking is very very polite, he is a perfect teacher you will definitely enjoy his lecture.

 if you want to take classes from Manikant sir then you have to join Drishti IAS.

Khan sir 

No, I am talking about Khan sir he is also a premier teacher in India, he is famous for his teaching style and the way he delivers his content to the student is a very superior way.

You can join kan Sir coaching through their app.

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Q. Who is the best History teacher for history optional for the UPSC exam?

Ans. Avadh Ojha sir

Q. Who are the three best teachers for history for the UPSC exam?

Ans. 1- vadh Ojha sir 2- Manikant sir  3- Khan sir 

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