best Hindu news analysis for UPSC on youtube

best Hindu news analysis for UPSC on youtube (Best newspaper analysis on youtube for UPSC )- if you are preparing for the UPSC exam then reading and understanding the national and international news is very much important.  it will help you in the interview as well as your GS paper also.

 then the question arises of where to go for detailed news analysis for the UPSC exam.  well, I have a solution for you,  you can visit the YouTube channel and you can take benefits free of cost.

 keeping the point of the UPSC exam in the mind you have to read or analyse newspapers. peripherally the UPSC aspirants refer The Hindu newspaper. 

 so you have to visit that type of YouTube channel which is aware of the UPSC exam, The educator of that particular YouTube channel must know about the UPSC exam and the UPSC exam pattern and what they ask in the previous year and how they ask the educator must know.

 so here I am suggesting that a few YouTube channel you can visit the YouTube channel, and I am quite sure you will not regret your time getting west.

List of best Hindu news analysis for UPSC on youtube

SL.NO.Name of Youtube channel
1.The Hindu Newspaper Analysis by Prashant Tiwari at StudyIQ
2.StudY LoveR- VeeR 
3.Only IAS
4.BYJU’S IAS  for English medium 

Best newspaper for UPSC exam preparation.

 here I would like to suggest a few newspapers or sources,  which will definitely help you in the preparation for the UPSC exam.

  • 1- The Hindu
  • 2- Rajya Sabha TV
  • 3- PIB
  • 4- The Indian Express

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 Question.  which is the best YouTube channel for the Neet paper discussion?

 Answer.  for the Hindi medium student you can prefer study lover Veer or study IQ.  and English medium students can prefer byju’s newspaper discussion on the YouTube channel.

 Question.  is reading newspapers compulsory for the UPSC exam?

 Answer.   UPSC exam is the descriptive exam in which they will assess your analytical skill,  so you have to you updated regarding the current situation that is going on around the globe and in the country.

 Question.   what to read in the newspaper for the UPSC exam preparation?

 Answer.  accept local news you have to go through all the news and the detailed comprehensive editorial page also.

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