Best Geography Teacher for UPSC

Best Geography Teacher for UPSC – Hello and welcome

Today we are going to discuss the best teacher available in India for UPSC preparation with the optional subject of geography.

If you are a UPSC aspirant then you must know geography is the subject that is chosen by most of the UPSC Aspirants.

So there is also a tough competition among the aspirants of UPSC from the geography optional.

But there are lots of teachers available for geography optional subject,  they make Geography optional as very an easy subject.

Best geography teacher in india for UPSC

 let’s start with the best teacher in India for geography.

  • 1-Shabbir Sir
  • 2-Alok Ranjan Sir
  • 3-Alok sir 
  • 4- khan sir 
  • 5-praveen sir 

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Shabbir sir –

He is the faculty of Vajiram & Ravi coaching institute. A few of his lectures on geography are also available on youtube.

His geography online lecture is available on edukemy , but it is paid

Shabbir Sir is a highly talented Teacher as well as a motivator, His teaching style is very practical that’s why the student understands very well.

 some of his YouTube videos is also can take for reference.

Alok Ranjan Sir

The exceptional character of Mr. Alok Ranjan can be attributed to his strong educational background.

He has done M.Sc. in Geography from Chennai University, MA in Sanskrit with specialization in Philosophy & Ethics and LLB from Delhi University, and also holds a diploma in human rights. 

 He is offering coaching for IAS in Delhi named Alok Ranjan IAS,  few of his YouTube video is also available for reference.

Alok sir

Alok sir is quite famous on Youtube for their teaching style. he narrates the topic very deeply, if you do not have basic knowledge of the topic then also you need not worry.

He runs a YouTube channel by the name of target with Alok.

 you can also take the paid classes by paying some amount for UPSC Geography optional subject.

Earlier he was a government teacher, but to follow his passion and to help out the aspirants he start teaching online on YouTube after that, he could his job start teaching online over YouTube

you can also visit the Alok sir website.

Khan sir

Who didn’t know Khan sir?

He Is very popular on YouTube, his teaching methodology is totally different from other teachers. 

Currently, he was very famous duty some student protest regarding the railway examination.

In my view, if you want to prepare other than UPSC  then you must go for KHAN SIR.

He teaches in the Hindi language sometimes he use Bhojpuri words also.

He gives online classes through their App, you can get it by clicking on link which is given below.

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praveen sir 

In 2017 Praveen sir started YouTube channel,  from there his journey started.

 YouTube channel name is Edu teria , You can just click over this link and you can go to their YouTube channel.

 if you opt geography as optional subject in UPSC exam then you you take online classes Praveen Sir.

 He start with very basics and I hope you will  be able to catch necessary knowledge.

Conclusion-    India is the full of the educator,  here we listed out top 5 teachers for geography optional for UPSC exam.  there are so many teachers currently also available for geography subject,   you can also go for them.

 time to time this post will be updated,  if you know any teacher which iS  recognisable, just comment.

 thanks for being with us  and good luck for your UPSC exam.

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