Best English teacher for competitive exam on youtube

Best English teacher for competitive exam on youtube

Best English teacher for the competitive exam on youtube -We will see the best English teacher on youtube in India for competitive exams and the best English teacher in India for competitive exams.

English is an integral part of any competitive exams in India,  so you have to learn English grammar in a very efficient way,  the English will take less time compared to math or reasoning.

English is also a scoring subject,  in English, you can I score very well marks in very less time so so I can say you must learn the English language for your committee to exams like SSC,  Bank,  Railway,  police constable and SI,  NDA,  CDS.

Best English teacher for competitive exams In India

serial numberName of English teacher
1Neetu Ma’am
2Harsh Sir ( SSC ) 
3Gopal Verma Sir
4Rani Mam
5Comparison is going on (wait for the teacher’s name)

Neetu mam- 

Very genuine teacher for English learning,  if you join her why she will not going to regret,  if you didn’t know ABCD of English language means you didn’t know the basic concept of English language then there is no worry you just go and join the need to my courses available and you will learn the basic English core concept also.

Her approach to English grammar is very very clear and descriptive,  just watch her video and you will learn English grammar.   Neetu mam English grammar from the start and She covers all the topics related to the particular exam.

Those who are preparing for any competitive exam like SSC banking NDA CDS or any teaching exams must join Neetu mam for English.

Neetu mam didn’t provide all content over the YouTube channel, But you can watch a few of her demo videos on youtube.  for a complete course, you must take his paid courses from the KD campus live website.  otherwise, you can download the app also from there you can also purchase the course.

Neetu mam English courses fee structure is not too much high,  you can purchase her course in 3500/-  only.

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English by Harsh sir

Harsh is also a very good teacher of English grammar as well as vocab,  if you are preparing for various SSC exams then you must join Harsh sir,  his core concept of English grammar is very clear and he makes students understand the concept of English grammar.

He didn’t tell to a student just to memorize it, he tell to the student just to understand it and apply it to all.

Harsh sir is available on the YouTube channel of Wi-Fi study,  so it is totally free of cost you can enjoy his video and you can take benefit from his video

Gopal Verma sir

Gopal Verma sir is a very conceptual teacher for English grammar and if you are preparing for various competitive exams then he is a very good choice.

He doesn’t upload his all video on YouTube channel but demo videos you can see on his YouTube channel,  for the complete course you must go to the career will app.

 from career will act you can take his online classes with all topic,  it will not cost too much only 799 rupees you can buy his paid course.

 you can also watch his video on YouTube through his  YouTube channel.

Rani Mam

English with Rani mam, is also a popular YouTube channel in which Rani mam teach English for various competitive exams as well as for English learner.

 She teaches English only on their YouTube channel,  and this is totally free of cost you are not going to pay a single rupee for this video.

 Rani mam has deeply approach to English grammar so if you want to learn English grammar then definitely you must go for Rani ma’am.


 who is the best teacher for SSC CGL English?

You may go for harsh sir. 

 if you want to learn English from a very basic for your competitive exam which teacher will be best?

 for this noble cause, you must go for Ritu mam.

Is Gopal Verma the best teacher for English for competitive exams?

 yes of course

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