Best educator on unacademy for IIT JEE

Best educator on unacademy for IIT JEE- Here we will talk in very detail about who is the best educator in unacademy for the course of IIT JEE mains and advance examination.

 in India, unacademy is very popular among the student who is preparing for various exams,  because it has very low-cost courses but they provide high quality,  in the place of unacademy you may choose another online education platform then you may pay a little bit high cost.  with the minimum cost for the courses, UnAcademy has top-level educators.  that’s why the student and their parents prefer unacademy.

Each educator has their own special quality but few of them are very different from others, students get stuck with that particular educator. so definitely some educator is also in unacademy we will talk in very detail subject wise.

Best educator on unacademy for IIT JEE

As you know experience matter but in the case of teaching experience matter a lot,  so I will let you know the best teacher experience-wise and subject-wise.

Best educator on unacademy for IIT JEE

Educator name  subjectexperience followers  on unacademy
Praveen Kumar PachauriPhysics15 years31000 
Piyush MaheshwarichemistryWorked at Allen career institute65000
Mohammad Kashif AlamChemistryformer Allen Career Institute faculty60000 
Vineet LoombaMathsBTech from IIT Roorkee123000

Brijesh Jindal
Chemistryformer Allen Career Institute faculty61000

Sachin Rana
Chemistryformer IIT Bombay student60000 
Manoj ChauhanMathsformer Faculty of Bansal classes Kota161 thousand
Nitin SachanPhysicsa former student of IIT Madras20000
Om SharmaMathsformer Faculty of Resonance Kota20000

 as you see we have listed out all the best teachers available in unacademy subject wise so before taking the courses you must choose your educator because it matters very much.

 you can watch a demo video of your choice educator on unacademy platform and it may be also available on the YouTube channel of unacademy.

 so I hope your problem and your parent’s problem will be sought out by seeing this post.

At the last, I would like to say a few teachers are legendary teachers on unacademy like  Praveen Sir, Piyush sir,  Alam sir,  Manoj Chauhan sir,  Om Sharma sir and many others.

Above I have also mentioned the experience of the particular educator,  from where are you can see most experienced teachers are from the various coaching institute like resonance or Allen Career Institute,  so they have excellent knowledge regarding their field as well as experience.

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Who is the best maths teacher on unacademy platform for IIT JEE  mains and advanced exam?

Vineet Loomba

 who is the best Physics teacher on unacademy for IIT JEE mains and advanced examination preparation?

Praveen Kumar Pachauri

 who is the best chemistry teacher on unacademy for IIT JEE mains and advanced examination?

Piyush Maheshwari

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