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 today we’ll discuss the best coaching available for 12th Board exams, as you know board exams are the toughest exam when you are a student of a School. 

 online coaching is beneficial but you must have a intention to learn.

 here I am talking the best coaching available for 12 Board Exams.

if you are taking online classes on YouTube then it is totally free of cost, And if you are going for Vedantu or FIITJEE or unacademy they will charge you some amount.

 Vedantu review –  click here

unacademy review – click here

Why you choose Vedantu for 12th board

most of the teacher in the Vedantu is the former student of IIT or  NIT that’s why the quality content delivering by Vedantu is the best,  Vedantu is not too much costly as byju’s, first I would like to suggest take a demo class then after join full course of Vedantu here I am providing the official website link.

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why you choose a FIITJEE for 12th board exams 

If your aim is to crack IIT or any other engineering entrance examination then You go for FIITJEE.  FIITJEE also is the oldest education delivering platform for IIT aspirants.

they start preparing students from class 8 onwards, in India, they are having many branches, and also they have their own schools other than coaching,  they also have lodging and boarding facility at their coaching center.

 but I think there is one drawback of coaching is that the charges of coaching are Too high,  due to this many students are not able to take classes in FIITJEE, because in India the maximum population belongs to the medium family and they cannot afford it.

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Personal view on best coachings for 12 board

I think now that enough and good quality content is available on YouTube with free of cost, so choose one or two YouTube content creator or you can say a YouTube channel and start preparing with them,

I also accept this there is nil communication between YouTube content creator with you, Yet you can grab very essential knowledge from them.

So here  we discuss the best coaching available for 12th board examination if you want to say something about any coaching just comment below the post and anything have you in mind also you can share with us through your comment.

Q –  is YouTube videos are enough for 12th board exam preparation?

Ans –  ofcourse yes ,choose right YouTube channel or a content creator and the follow him/her.

Q – Is vedantu is good coaching for board exam preparation?

Ans – yes.

Q –  how is FIITJEE?

Ans – FIITJEE is good coaching institute for engineering examination  aspirants , if your aim is to join engineering after class 12th then go for FIITJEE as early as possible I would recommend from class 9th you can join it.

Q – how is byju’s?

Ans –  now a days you may listen the byju’s is one of the most earning educational platform in the India .the byju’s is only money making company of education, byju’s create a fear  in the parents during the counselling session if your child didn’t get admission in the byju’s classes then their child with not able to do anything.  I think in the place of byju’s you may join vedantu.

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