Anuj Garg coaching review and fee structure 

Anuj Garg coaching review and fee structure 

Anuj Garg coaching review and fee structure –  as you know Anuj Garg is a famous teacher in the field of UPSC exam preparation, he teaches GS and history for the IAS exam.

As you see in the title first we will review Anuj Garg coaching then after we will discuss the fee structure of Anuj Garg coaching online as well as offline.

Anuj Garg coaching review

Anuj Garg started teaching at a very early age just after completion of his graduation he starts teaching and at the start, he was teaching two or three students at their own house after 23 years the number of students in getting increased and he sipped his coaching from home to some other place.

After that, he comes with full potential in the field of teaching for the UPSC aspirants.

And he also started a YouTube channel named Anuj Garg coaching,  you can click over the link and you can see his YouTube video also.

 currently, his YouTube channel has around 6 million subscribers,  this is a great number of subscribers that he has.

when He succeed in the field of teaching many online coaching platforms contacted To Anuj Garg sir,  and he started teaching on the unacademy platform.

 currently, he is providing lectures on the unacademy platform only,  I will tell you the fee structure of Anuj Garg coaching classes on unacademy in the below paragraph.

On YouTube he didn’t upload full courses, he uploaded only selected topics so it will not be too much helpful for you because it will be half knowledge if you want to get detailed knowledge because UPSC Wanted so you have to take the unacademy subscription of Anuj Garg sir.

 in the unacademy, he uploads full courses you can enjoy it and you can take benefit from it.

 he is one of the best teachers available for the UPSC GS and history preparation,  just go for it and you will not regret it.

 Anuj Garg sir coaching fee structure

 here I am providing the fee structure of Anuj Garg sir on the unacademy platform because currently he is teaching only on unacademy so have a look over the fee structure.

12 Months58,527/-
18 Months67,655/-
24 Months78284/-
36 Months98,979/- 

This fee structure is after the discount available after the Anuj Garg promo code,  if you’re not getting any discount you must contact unacademy for the discount at least try once for the discount this is the latest fee structure available on unacademy for the Anuj Garg Sir.

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 what does Anuj  Garg sir teach?

 Anuj Garg is a famous teacher in the field of the UPSC exam,  he teaches GS and history.

 how to contact Anuj Garg sir for the history optional preparation?

 you can follow him on the unacademy platform and you can contact them from the unacademy subscription plan.

 is Anuj Garg sir teaching on YouTube?

 yes, Anuj Garg uploads frequent videos on the YouTube channel but he didn’t provide a full course on YouTube so it will be better to take his paid subscription course from unacademy.

 why Anuj Garg sir is so famous?

 Anuj Garg sir is famous for his teaching style he starts from a very basic ok and his language is very simple,  that’s why he is so popular among the UPSC aspirants.

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