Abhinay Sharma Sir maths coaching review, Fee structure

Abhinay Sharma Sir maths coaching review, Fee structure – Abhinay Sharma is basically famous for his teaching,  Abhinay Sharma has a different style of teaching and he approaches each question differently.  also, he makes a student learn a short approach to each question.  because you may know SSC is the exam where you have to take minimum time to attend any question.

you may listen no one is calling Abhinay Sharma,  he is called by the name of Abhinay math.  YouTube and other social media you can search him by Abhinay math.

he has a very good command over advance Math and he has written a book also,  this book may help you.

Abhinay Sharma is also famous for his response,  he make many moments for his student you may remember in one day On Twitter Modi Rojgar do was trending.  he was the key area for this moment.

 Now come to his coaching.

Abhinay Sharma maths

 at the following places, you can learn maths from Abhinay Sharma.

1Abhinay Sharma maths on unacademy
2YouTube channel
3-offline classes at M-3, A-10/11 Bhandari building, near Batra cinema  Mukherjee Nagar New Delhi 
4they don’t have their official website

 Abhinay Sharma maths coaching review

 he is one of the finest teachers, you are not going to regret if you are going to take classes of Abhinay maths sir.

 if you are attending his offline batch then you have to pay more fees.  and if you are attending an online lecture on the YouTube channel then there are no fees only you have to subscribe to the channel and you will get all notifications from his YouTube.

 most probably they are updated each video on the YouTube channel.

You can also attend his maths lecture on the unacademy platform,  you can take his online courses and learn from them you can also ask each query through unacademy app. 

 on YouTube, you may not get your query answerable because there are lots of comments and one person cannot handle it.

 I would recommend if you have money issues then you can learn from his YouTube channel and if you have money e then you can join his course on unacademy,  also there is not too much course fee in unacademy also.

his approach to solving a question is very different,  he will make you learn the Short trick also,  he qualified for SSC CGL five times,  so I can say he has pretty much knowledge about the SSC CGL exam.

 Abhinay Sharma maths coaching fees structure

Abhinay Sharma maths coaching fee at unacademy
(prefer Iconic batch)
24 months ₹417 /mo Total = ₹10,000
12 months ₹708 /mo Total = ₹8,500
6 months ₹1,167 /mo Total =₹7,000
Abhinay Sharma maths at YouTubeFree
Abhinay Sharma maths fee at offline coachingwill be updated soon

Rakesh Yadav sir and Abhinay Sharma maths comparison

 The comparison between teachers is a very silly thing,  so don’t do this.  each teacher has a unique style of teaching and unique style of knowledge delivery.  no one becomes famous without a unique quality.

Rakesh Yadav Sir is the legend of this coaching industry,  he is a phenomenal teacher and same Abhinay Sharma maths is also a very good teacher.  one thing I would like to tell,  Abhinay sir is basically most famous through his advance maths classes,  while Rakesh Yadav sir is the all-rounder for competition exam maths.

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 Question.  who is the best teacher for SSC CGL maths?

 Answer.  you can go for either Rakesh Yadav sir or Abhinay Sharma math.

 Question.  what is the fee structure of Abhinay Sharma math at unacademy?

 Answer. See in the above post.

 Question.  how to ask your doubt regarding math to Abhinay Sharma sir?

 Answer. Ask your doubt from unacademy app Ori at offline classes of Abhinay Sharma math.

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